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Top #100+ Regret Quotes

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    Top #100+ Regret Quotes

    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    Speak when you are angry - and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.

    I don't regret what I've been through. I've had ups and downs, super highs and some really low lows. I've been so blessed that I could never say, 'I wish this didn't happen.' It's part of who I am. There's nothing in my life that's so ugh.

    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes
    We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.

    If you aren't in the moment, you are either looking forward to uncertainty, or back to pain and regret.

    Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh.

    The regret of my life is that I have not said 'I love you' often enough.
    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    I regret those times when I've chosen the dark side. I've wasted enough time not being happy.

    I regret not having had more time with my kids when they were growing up.

    Regret Quotes Messages

    Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.

    Education, and I regret to say this as an educator, but there's no indication that education has a direct effect on happiness.

    Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.
    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    Never do today what you can do tomorrow. Something may occur to make you regret your premature action.

    Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.

    Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.
    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    It's better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret.

    I don't have to wait until the next morning to regret something I did that was kinda dumb.

    I think people assume I'm perfect. I'm not. I make mistakes. I do things I regret. I'm stubborn.

    Regret Quotes Relationship

    No, I don't regret anything at this point. That may change on the next phone call, but at the moment I don't regret anything.
    My only regret in life is that I didn't spend as much time with my kids as I now wish I had.
    Tribe follows tribe, and nation follows nation, like the waves of the sea. It is the order of nature, and regret is useless.

    I don't regret things, because I learn from mistakes. If needs be, I always make amends.

    I regret the passing of the studio system. I was very appreciative of it because I had no talent.

    Get correct views of life, and learn to see the world in its true light. It will enable you to live pleasantly, to do good, and, when summoned away, to leave without regret.

    People only stutter at the beginning of the word. They're not afraid when they get to the end of the word. There's just regret.
    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    I often regret that I have spoken; never that I have been silent.

    The past is a great place and I don't want to erase it or to regret it, but I don't want to be its prisoner either.

    Never regret anything you have done with a sincere affection; nothing is lost that is born of the heart.

    I think the only advice I can give you on how to live your life well is, first off, remember... it's not the things we do in life that we regret on our deathbed, it is the things we do not.
    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.

    Mistakes are a drag, because you get in the area of regret and self-pity.

    Regret Quotes and Sayings

    Life is about choices. Some we regret, some were proud of. Some will haunt us forever. 'Black Rain' was very much about choices. The message - we are what we chose to be.

    My biggest regret could be summed up in one word, and that's procrastination.

    On the field, sometimes passion overwhelms you, and you do things you regret afterward.
    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    I regret to say that we of the FBI are powerless to act in cases of oral-genital intimacy, unless it has in some way obstructed interstate commerce.

    If in my fight I can encourage even some people to understand and to abandon policies they now so blindly follow, I shall not regret any punishment I may incur.

    I never regret things. It's a really dangerous thing to say, but for anyone involved in the arts, the bad things that happen make for good material. It's not a comfortable truth, but it is true.

    Falsity cannot keep an idea from being beautiful; there are certain errors of such ingenuity that one could regret their not ranking among the achievements of the human mind.

    I hate to be a failure. I hate and regret the failure of my marriages. I would gladly give all my millions for just one lasting marital success.
    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    I've done some stinkers in the cinema. You can't regret it; there are always reasons for doing something, even if it's just the location.

    I shall have less cause to regret the carrying my intended purpose into effect, foreseeing that you may immediately fill with advantage, the vacancy which will presently happen.

    Every summer, I regret that I didn't become a college teacher. Such a sweet life! With all that vacation time! You'll never get me to believe that being a tenured professor at a good college is anything but Heaven on earth.

    Regret Quotes for him

    Man can and must prevent the tragedy of famine in the future instead of merely trying with pious regret to salvage the human wreckage of the famine, as he has so often done in the past.

    I have tons of regrets, but I think that's one of the reasons that push people to create things. Out of their angst, their regret, comes the best from artists, painters and writers.

    If Alibaba cannot become a Microsoft or Wal-Mart, I will regret it for the rest of my life.

    My biggest regret is rolling in regret. It is best to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on.

    My biggest regret is that my mother didn't see me walk on to that London Palladium stage, being the star she always wanted me to be. But I always say that when she reached Heaven, she had a word with a few agents.
    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    We crucify ourselves between two thieves: regret for yesterday and fear of tomorrow.

    I should not regret a fair and full trial of the entire abolition of capital punishment.

    My biggest regret in life is that I didn't hit John Denver in the mouth while I has the chance.

    The record company really pissed me off when they told me to lose weight. I couldn't be bothered with looking a certain way. So I left the business. I don't regret it.

    Anyone who doesn't regret the passing of the Soviet Union has no heart. Anyone who wants it restored has no brains.
    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    But we have been to the Pole and we shall die like gentlemen. I regret only for the women we leave behind.

    I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do.

    Everything I did and continue to do happens for a reason, and honestly, I don't regret much in my life.

    American history contains much matter for pride and congratulation, and much matter for regret and humiliation.
    Regret Quotes
    Regret Quotes

    The person whose doors I enter with most pleasure, and quit with most regret, never did me the smallest favor.

    The one thing I regret was that my work required an enormous amount of my time, and a lot of travel.

    Regret Quotes for her

    No, I regret nothing, all I regret is having been born, dying is such a long tiresome business I always found.

    Every comedian dreams of hosting 'The Tonight Show' and, for seven months, I got to. I did it my way, with people I love, and I do not regret a second.

    Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

    I don't regret anything I do, ever, whether articles I've done or things I've said. And as far as what's happened in the past, I wouldn't take anything back.

    Regret is the worst human emotion. If you took another road, you might have fallen off a cliff. I'm content.

    I regret not working harder to create true friendships with other couples, not seeking out people with whom to go do things and go places - people with whom to have a few crazy, memorable bonding adventures.

    I do not regret the part I have taken in a cause so just and interesting to mankind.

    Now that we are cool, he said, and regret that we hurt each other, I am not sorry that it happened.

    I regret not doing a film that I was offered with Clark Gable because the script was not good enough.

    Somebody asked me what do you regret. I said, well I was offered the role of Maverick in 'Top Gun' and I turned it down.

    I haven't got the yacht any more. The cost of running it was crazy. But it was so much fun while I had it. I don't regret it.

    I regret the times I've been mean to people... It's fine to pick on people who can defend themselves and deserve it. Some people don't deserve to be picked on who I picked on, so I don't do it anymore.

    I try not to regret too much. I find that feeling guilty takes up so much of my time already.

    We believe that the vote would have been close. We regret that in the face of an explicit threat to veto by a permanent member, the vote-counting became a secondary consideration.

    I do think it's important to live in the present because in that way you won't be living in a state of regret.

    Business wise, I have always learned valuable lessons so I don't regret any decisions I have made.

    I think I felt that I was very well known for my figure and needed to keep that up for my work. And I regret all of it. I felt fraudulent and very shameful.

    War seems to be one of the most salutary phenomena for the culture of human nature; and it is not without regret that I see it disappearing more and more from the scene.

    There's not a second I regret having a child on my own.

    While I have made errors that I deeply regret, I have never, ever done so with the intent of subverting the law or of benefiting myself.

    I stupidly ignored education completely. I found it dull and I preferred to cause chaos and have fun. I regret this massively now.

    I don't really believe in regret or mistakes. I try to take everything as it is, be comfortable with myself.

    The consequences of ignoring the Lord and His prophets are certain and often accompanied by great sorrow and regret.

    Bereavement is terrible, of course. And when somebody you love dies, it's a time for reflection, a time for memory, a time for regret.

    I always try to be nice to the paparazzi because finally, maybe one day, they won't ask for me, and I will regret it.

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